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Digital Advertising

Reach Your Audience Where They Are With Digital Advertising

Let's Grow Your Business

Call us now at (504) 233-3627 or fill out the form below to schedule a free consultation.

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Digital Advertising

Like Costco, you can find pretty much anything online these days. In fact, on average, we humans spend 6 hours and 42 minutes online every day. Emerald Digital’s mission is to ensure your brand is reaching your target audience during the numerous hours they spend online daily. Whether it’s through paid social ads, pay per click campaigns, or any other digital vehicle, if a potential customer is online, we make sure your digital advertising efforts are put in front of them every time.

Say you’re looking for a new bike. What do you do? Most likely, you turn to Google first and search “Best bike for someone looking for a digital marketing agency.” You look through the first couple of links, read some reviews, and look at a few photos of bicycles. Next, you go on Instagram and scroll through the accounts of some of the top bike brands. Seems innocent enough. In reality, you just informed the internet of some vital information about yourself that businesses will take full advantage of. You’ll probably notice over the next few weeks digital ads for helmets, biking apparel, maybe even those bicycle baskets and bells (hey, you do you). That’s digital marketing at its finest.

Let us be the helmet brand to your bicycle search. In terms that make a lot more sense, we make it our business to know your potential customer’s business (legally). When they’re surfing the web using terms that are relevant to your brand, just like Liam Neeson, we will find them, and we will serve an ad to them. Through effective digital marketing strategies, we will elevate your brand engagement, boost sales, convert leads, and ultimately increase your overall ROI. 

What Are Your Digital Advertising Needs?

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Pay Per Click

PPC allows you to customize your campaign to meet your unique business goals. We closely monitor your campaigns to determine how your ad spend can produce optimal results.

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Display Ads

Our designers and copywriters will create display ads that feature compelling copy and imagery to attract your ideal consumer. 

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Paid Social Media

Through in-depth research of your target market, superior copywriting, supreme content production, and stellar paid social media strategy, we’ll get your brand in front of the audiences that count.

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Native Ads

The chameleon of digital advertising. Get your brand in front potential customers without them knowing their being served an ad.

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Get your message to a potential consumer based on their physical location. Through geofencing, we can get as specific as serving your audience an ad while they’re standing on one side of the mall, and not the other.

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Audience Generation

Your business shouldn’t miss out on a loyal, valuable audience that can bring well-deserved opportunity to your brand. We’ll identify what your audience looks like and determine their online habits so we can digitally introduce them to your brand.

Featured clients

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We have an expert for that.

In just 1 year, the amount of devices with ad blockers rose from 142 million to over 615 million. This information doesn’t tell you that you shouldn’t run ads. This tells you that the ads that are being run are reaching the wrong audiences. The digital advertising experts at Emerald Digital take time to understand what your specific and unique marketing goals are. We identify the digital marketing channels that are best suited for your advertising objectives. Whether you’re trying to boost sales, create brand awareness, increase traffic to your site, or just want more people to talk to in quarantine, the digital advertising experts at Emerald Digital are here to make your marketing goals a successful reality.

Call The Best Now (504) 233-3627
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The Emerald Approach

“Every breath you take, and every move you make…every step you take, I’ll be watching you.” Did you know The Police wrote this 1983 hit about digital marketing? They were very ahead of their time. The internet tracks almost every move a user makes while online. As your digital marketing partner, we are able to use this to your advantage and target the specific and precise audience relevant to your brand. Through content creation, target audience identification, and supreme visual design, your brand’s message will reach the right audience and turn them into valuable customers.

You’re the Master of Your Craft.
We’re the Master of Ours.
Together, We’ll Build Something Great.

Have something else in mind? Like a yoga apparel influencer straight out of a silent retreat, we’re flexible. Visit our service pages for more information on Website Development, Copywriting, Graphic Design and more. We know you’re not a one-size-fits-all type of company, and neither are we. We create custom packages suited to fit every one of your needs.

Recognized Among The Top Digital Marketing Agencies

Best Advertising Agencies in New Orleans
Digital Marketing Agencies 2020
Best SEO Experts in New Orleans

Are You Ready To Grow Your Business?

Schedule a free consulation with our marketing experts.

  • Would you benefit from millions of consumer touchpoints every month?

  • Could you handle a steady stream of new clients or customers?

  • Do you want marketing execution that meets your business goals?

Maurice Harary

Emerald doubled our business in the year we joined and since taking over all of our digital marketing efforts has quadrupled our sales. We couldn't be happier. When Emerald recommends something we know there will be ROI. Emerald really transformed our business.

Maurice Harary

CEO at The Bid Lab

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I've worked with several Digital Marketing companies in the past and Emerald has by far been the best. Knowledgeable and responsive account team and writers are spot on with copy. They also offer public relations which is extremely helpful for integrated campaigns. It's been a year and we've seen great results!

Kevin Daniels


Kasey Caminiti

Working with the team at Emerald was effortless. Their clear communication and organization made every step of our project seamless. We worked collaboratively but it was so helpful to be able to lean on the Emerald team for their expertise to find the best solutions to meet our creative and technical needs. Overall, working with Emerald made this endeavor such a stress-free and enjoyable experience!

Kasey Caminiti

Senior Digital Editor at DuJour

Anthony Russo

These guys are the best I’ve seen in my 25 years of practice. Warren H. Cohn and Matthew Berman are on the cutting edge of their field.

Anthony Russo

Founding Partner at The Russo Firm

Ariel Nishli

www.boostmyposts.com’s expertise, availability and insight was beyond what I expected and not only led to a wildly successful result for our organization, but to my own marketing insights. They’re also all just really great, grounded people!

Ariel Nishli

Content Director at Jewish Big Brothers Big Sisters of Los Angeles


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1216 Broadway Floor 2 #1010
New York, NY 10001


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650 Poydras Street, Suite 1025
New Orleans, LA 70125

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